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Student Leaders “LEEP” into their Roles in Preparation for New Year

August 31, 2018

Student leaders from the School of Arts & Sciences and School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions returned to campus on Wednesday, August 29 to participate in the Leadership Education and Empowerment Program (LEEP) as they prepare to welcome back all students next week for the start of the 114th academic year of the College.

“This year’s theme is ‘CNR Star Power,’” said Tiffani Blake, dean of students, “Décor, prizes, team missions, and the presentations all included references to this theme to encourage students to shine in all that they set to accomplish this year. We also hope that in using their “CNR Star Power” they will be socially-conscious, thoughtful, enthusiastic, optimistic, and confident as they engage with their peers, faculty, and administration and work to make all students feel included within our community.”

Over the course of the three days of the program, the student leaders, who include resident assistants, peer ministers, members of the student government, and student athletes participated in workshops and activities that focused on team work, residence life best practices, the responsible use of social media and time management. As a way to give back to the community, the student leaders also spent time participating in a Residence Park neighborhood cleanup on Friday.

LEEP 2018