Professional Course Sequence

Through the Professional Sequencing Program, School of New Resources students pursuing their degree can follow a path that leads straight to advanced employment in business, health care, or human services.

In your professional sequence, you'll take five courses and complete two mini-internships and one full internship in three tiers.

Tier One

You will take one or two courses to introduce you to the professional area, including the terminology and key concepts associated with the profession. This will provide you with the necessary grounding and baseline knowledge to continue into Tier Two of the sequence.

Tier Two

Tier Two has higher-level professional courses with an accompanying mini-internship with each course. The mini internship allows for practical real world experience within different areas of the profession. You will have the opportunity to experiment within your professional area in a safe environment and decide whether it is the right fit for you.

Tier Three (Internship)

Tier Three is a full six-credit internship within the professional area. This experience will be a full immersion into the profession.


Business Administration and Management, New Rochelle Campus

  • Business Organization and Management
  • Accounting 1 and 2
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Marketing
  • Business Communication and Technology
  • Internship

Health Care Administration, Rosa Parks Campus (Harlem)

  • Survey of Health Care Systems
  • Health Management and Information Systems
  • Health Care Law and Ethics
  • Finance and Health Care Administration
  • Family and Community Health
  • Internship

Human Services, Co-op City Campus and Brooklyn Campus

  • Introduction to Human Services
  • Community Organization and Development
  • Policy and Ethics in Human Services
  • Child Welfare and Family Services
  • Social Welfare Policy and Programs
  • Internship