M.S., Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Holistic Nursing

Students enrolled in the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Holistic Nursing master's program are prepared to provide the most contemporary integrative, holistic interventions to promote health and healing from a nursing framework and perspective. This program was one of the first holistic-oriented master’s nursing degrees in the country. With the renaming of the NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in 2015, there is growing public awareness of and demand for advanced practice nurses who use the latest evidence and transdisciplinary research on mind-body-spirit interventions and healing practices. The integration of holistic approaches for health promotion is critical. Advanced practice holistic adult clinical nurse specialists are well-positioned to provide this.

Students will work with advanced practice preceptors who are leaders in traditional, holistic, and entrepreneurial healthcare settings. Together, they provide complementary and integrative health modalities and education to promote the health and well-being of adults individually as well as in groups, families, and communities. This program requires 42 credits of coursework and 500 clinical hours. Students typically complete the program in a formal cohort or part-time at an individual pace.

Clinical course placements are available in the New York and tri-state area and we continue to develop new placement opportunities aligned with student interests and clinical needs. Students outside this geographic area may also enroll, as long as there are postgraduate preceptors who can supervise student learning experiences. Clinical specialty coursework is offered in a hybrid format, with virtual online learning combined with on-campus residencies to enhance the skills of the student clinical nurse specialist. Many of our graduates become preceptors, nursing faculty, and clinical consultants integrating holistic nursing in clinical and/or academic settings. Others work in advanced practice holistic nurse coaching, pain management or in holistic/wellness health centers, which now proliferate in hospitals, health agencies, and in the private sector. Most of our graduates have also developed their own independent practices.

Program of Courses

Common Core Courses

These courses provide the theoretical framework and knowledge base for the advanced practice nurse within a holistic philosophy and perspective. The focus of these courses is to examine the health care delivery system, theoretical foundations for practice, research design and methodology, and advanced role development.

  • NUR 632 - Design and Methodology for Nursing Research 3 cr.
  • NUR 636 - Perspectives in Health Care Management 3 cr.
  • NUR 638 - Advanced Role Development in Transformative Nursing 3 cr.
  • NUR 639 - Theoretical Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr.

Specialty and Clinical Core Courses

These courses provide the scientific foundation and clinical knowledge and skill to support advanced practice nursing. The purpose of these courses is to support the integration of content of pathophysiology and psychoneuroimmunology, health assessment and pattern appraisal, as well as clinical practice and decision making.

  • NUR 741 - Advanced Pathophysiology and Psychoneuroimmunology I 2.5 cr.
  • NUR 742 - Advanced Pathophysiology and Psychoneuroimmunology II 2.5 cr.
  • NUR 745 - Naturalistic and Holistic Therapeutics I 2 cr.
  • NUR 746 - Naturalistic and Holistic Therapeutics II 2 cr.
  • NUR 747 - Advanced Health Assessment and Pattern Appraisal 4 cr.
  • NUR 753 - Clinical Practicum I: Holistic Clinical Nurse Specialist 5 cr. - 3 cr. theory, 1 cr. seminar, 1 cr. practice/150 hours
  • NUR 754 - Clinical Practicum II: Holistic Clinical Nurse Specialist 5 cr. - 3 cr. theory, 1 cr. seminar, 1 cr. practice/150 hours
  • NUR 755 - Clinical Practicum III: Holistic Clinical Nurse Specialist 5 cr. - 3 cr. theory, 1 cr. seminar, 1 cr. practice/150 hours